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8th July 2023

SKY - Baqueira Beret

An ideal race to enjoy the views of the entire valley

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The Val d'Aran from the sky

There is no place more magical and with more history than the Pla de Beret. A large plateau at an altitude of 1,860 metres, some 4 km long, where in winter there is a snow sports centre and in summer livestock graze freely. Ancient area of witches' covens, with archaeological remains from the Bronze Age. The source of two rivers: the Garonne, which flows into the French Atlantic, and the Noguera Pallaresa, into the Mediterranean. A plain covered with snow for more than half the year, which in summer explodes with its green meadows and the mountains that watch over it.

The Val d'Aran from the sky

Mandatory Equipment

  • Closed shoe suitable for trail running.
  • Cell phone on (smartphone recommended).
  • Personal glass of at least 15cl.
  • Water reserve of 1 l minimum.
  • Survival blanket of 1.40m x 2m minimum.
  • Whistle.
  • Jacket with hood that can withstand bad weather in the mountains and made with a waterproof membrane minimum 10,000 mm water column and breathable (recommended RET less than 13).

All clothing must be the participant's size and unaltered after leaving the factory. All the material will be transported in a backpack or similar that must be marked during the delivery of bibs and that cannot be changed during the race.

Mandatory Equipment
Runner Assistance

Runner Assistance

Assistance is NOT allowed in the race, at any point of the course.

Hares are not allowed to set the pace in the race.