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Camins d'Hèr - CDH

Where the mountains touch infinity

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


110 KM

Elevation Gain

6400 M+

Start Date

Friday 5th July 2024

Race Start

LES - 06:00

Max Allowed Race Time

28 Hours

The Val d'Aran in its purest form

Past and present. Earth and water.

The CDH, Camins d'Hèr (Iron Roads), is a journey through some of the wildest areas of the Val d'Aran. It means discovering the mining history of the valley, going through tunnels and mines at the foot of the imposing Mauberme, and immersing yourself in landscapes full of lakes, waterfalls and rivers.

Starting in the town of Les, the CDH is 110 kilometres and 6,400 metres of positive height gain during which tradition and nature come together in perfect harmony.

The Val d'Aran in its purest form