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For the young talents of trail running, between 16 and 19 years old

Race Category


Running Stones



15 KM

Elevation Gain

800 M+

Start Date

Saturday 6th July 2024

Race Start

PLA DE BERET - 09:30

Max Allowed Race Time

04 Hours 30 Minutes

The future of mountain races

A race for the future promises of trail running. A distance to get started in an exciting world, on a course where big names in this sport will compete later on. An international showcase to broaden new horizons.

The Val d'Aran from the heights. 15 kilometres of magic and spectacle, starting in Pla de Beret and climbing up to the sky.

The SKY Promesas Baqueira Beret has it all. A fast and demanding race with a gradient of 800 metres that gives you the chance to contemplate the majesty of the mountains that make up this beautiful valley.

A landscape that in winter is dressed in white and in summer is transformed into a festival of colour that captivates at any time of the year.

The future of mountain races