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How to get to Val d'Aran

The nearest airport is Toulouse airport in France, 166kms away, with international flights and connections to the main European airports.

From Toulouse to Val d'Aran, there are 3 options:

  1. By bus (3h40): TOULOUSE – ST. GAUDENS – VAL D’ARAN (Regular line: Frequency twice a day).

--LIO 394 Les (Val d'Aran) > Barbazan > Saint-Gaudens DOWNLOAD TIMETABLES AND BUS STOPS HERE.

  1. By car(2h00): TOULOUSE – VAL D’ARAN (Car rental).

  2. Transport service upon request: TOULOUSE – VAL D’ARAN (Olperer: with previous reservation). The nearest international airport in Spain is Barcelona, 350kms away, and the recommended airport for international flights.

There are 2 ways to get from Barcelona to the Val d'Aran:

  1. By bus (5h30): BARCELONA – VAL D’ARAN. Regular ALSA bus line: Several frequencies per day. Check fares and timetables at
  2. By car(3h30): BARCELONA – VAL D’ARAN (Car rental).