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We are European® UTMB World Series Major!

The UTMB® World Series Majors are the continental finals of the UTMB® World Series, the world circuit of trail running races.

What is a Major?

These are the continental finals of the UTMB® World Series. In this way, HOKA Val d'Aran by UTMB® becomes for the third consecutive year the European final of the circuit and is the only event in Europe which offers a direct place to the first ten men and the first ten women who finish the VDA, the CDH and the PDA in the UTMB® World Series Finals (OCC, CCC® or UTMB®) in the equivalent category.






In addition, the winners of the age categories also have direct access to UTMB® Mont-Blanc:

  • 210 direct bibs will be allocated for the age categories.
  • Each age category represented at the start line will be allocated at least one bib.
  • The other bibs will be allocated in proportion to the number of runners present in each age category.

UTMB® World Series

Each UTMB® World Series Major will include a race in the 50K, 100K and 100M categories and will award its finishers twice as many Running Stones as the UTMB® World Series Events. In this way, runners who manage to complete their corresponding distances will double their chances of obtaining a place in the draw to participate in the UTMB® World Series Finals 2025, the three emblematic distances of UTMB® Mont-Blanc (OCC® 50K, CCC® 100K, and UTMB® 100M).