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Registrations are on sale until June 26, 2023 or until they are sold out at the following link:

Check the registration conditions:


Registration is open to any person, male or female, born in the year indicated:

  • VDA, CDH, PDA and 30EXP (minimum age 20 years): year of birth 2003 or earlier.

  • SKY (minimum age 20 years): year of birth 2003 or earlier.

  • SKY PROMISES (minimum age 16 years): year of birth 2007, 2006, 2005 or 2004.

To register for the VDA race, runners must prove their experience in long distance races. They must have a UTMB® performance index valid for at least the 100K category. More information at:

The organisation recommends having a UTMB® Index, i.e. a minimum performance level of 400 in the category of race (100M, 100k and 50k) to be carried out, as this is the value at which the cut-off times are fixed. The organisation is very demanding in complying with the maximum time barriers.

For security and control reasons, registration is nominal and non-transferable.


Registration prices are variable and can change at any time depending on the registration date, and are limited to a specific number of bibs. You can consult the current price in the registration platform.


  • Right to participate in the race. Nominative race bib. Bracelet. Dream bib if applicable.
  • Participation gift.
  • Life bag for use during the race (in the VDA, CDH and PDA races).
  • Chips (2) of time control.
  • Livetrail tracking platform, for monitoring the runner by the companions.
  • LiveRun APP for race management by the runner, and SOS system.
  • Access to aid stations with food and beverages.
  • Transportation to the starting points in the CDH and PDA.
  • Course marking and mountain control personnel.
  • Medical assistance in the race with the organization's own safety, rescue and aid device.
  • Management and transportation of life bags (CDH and VDA), and drop bag (PDA).
  • Finishers gift.
  • Finishers diploma.
  • Final race services: showers and final aid station according to race.
  • Civil Liability Insurance for participants.
  • Obtaining Running Stones for the UTMB® Mont-Blanc lottery, being a finisher.