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Registration conditions


Registrations will go on sale on the website on September 19 at 11:00 a.m. (CET, local time Barcelona and Paris) by direct purchase, without pre-registration and lottery.

Registrations will be open until June 16th, 2024, or until bibs are sold out. In case bibs are sold out before February 15th, the organization has the right to create a waiting list to cover possible cancellations. In this case, all interested runners will be contacted before May 31st, 2024. Registrations will be made exclusively through the organization’s website and payment will be made by credit card. Registrations are open to any person, man or woman, born in the following years:

  • VDA, CDH, PDA and EXP (minimum age 20 years): year of birth 2004 or earlier.
  • SKY (minimum age 20 years): year of birth 2004 or earlier.
  • SKY PROMESAS (minimum age 16 years): year of birth 2008, 2007, 2006, or 2005.
  • To register to the VDA race, runners need to prove their experience in running long distance trail running race. They will be asked to have a performance index in the 100K or 100M categories. Further information CLICK HERE. To check your UTMB Index CLICK HERE

However, it is important to be aware of the demands of the terrain and that these are semi-self-sufficient races. HOKA Val d'Aran by UTMB® is not an event to start in trail running races. For this reason, the organization recommends having a UTMB® Index, that is a minimum performance level, of 400 in the race category (100M, 100k and 50k) to be carried out since it is the value with which the cut-off hours have been fixed. With a UTMB® Index below that figure, it is very likely that the runner will not be able to overcome the cut-off barriers by not complying with the established times. It is advisable not to enroll in either the VDA, or the CDH, with a UTMB® Index less than 400. The organization is very demanding in the fulfillment of the maximum hourly barriers of passage.

For security and control reasons, the registration is nominal and non-transferable. It is not allowed to transfer the registration to another race or another person, whatever the reason. Therefore, in case of not being able to attend, the runner must process the cancellation through the enabled channels.