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27th October 2023

The UTMB® Group presents its new Policy for Disabled Athletes

The UTMB® Group reinforces its commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion with a new policy for disabled athletes allowing better access to UTMB® World Series races.

The UTMB® Group confirms the inclusion of a new Disabled Athlete Policy as part of its long-term commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion in trail running. An initiative which aims to facilitate participation and provide support for athletes with disabilities. The initiative is effective immediately for all UTMB® World Series events worldwide.

The new policy promoted by the UTMB® Group has been created after a long process in which the opinion of many groups of adapted sportsmen and sportswomen has been taken into account. Among them is Amy Winters, a professional athlete with a below knee amputation, who holds 13 world records in different endurance events. She has completed the Western States™ 100 Endurance Run and also participated in the UTMB® 100M race on the Dacia UTMB® Mont-Blanc.

"UTMB® is committed to inspiring others to do their best and strive for a more ambitious goal. The creation and implementation of this policy is an important step that will surely evolve into something better and give more opportunities for those who think they can't run on the mountain," says Amy.

This new disabled athlete policy details eligibility criteria including athletes with varying levels of permanent visual impairment, intellectual disability, or physical or neurological movement disability.

In this way, each athlete will have the option to run with their chosen guide, who will receive a free race bib. And while the adapted athletes must be able to physically complete the course on their own, the guide runners will accompany them for all or part of the race to help them reach their goals safely.

An access route for the UTMB® World Series Finals

An access route for the UTMB® World Series Finals

In order to facilitate the participation of a greater number of athletes with disabilities in the races of the UTMB World Series Finals, including the UTMB® (100M), CCC® (100K), and OCC® (50K), a special access route has also been included for them.

Thus, several places will be reserved for them on the starting line of the UTMB® World Series Finals. However, to be eligible for selection, all runners must meet the standard requirements of the race, including having a valid UTMB® Index and at least 1 Running Stone. In addition, those wishing to participate in any of these events must pre-register via the Dacia UTMB® Mont-Blanc website.

With this initiative, the UTMB® Group continues to complete its regeneration plan, a project launched at the beginning of the year under the name of UTMB® for the Planet. A plan which aims to unite the different trail running communities and contribute to the well-being of people and the regeneration of the planet.