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9th July 2023

Experiéncia d'Aran - EXP

Live the experience of a race in the Val d'Aran from within

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30 kilometres to get you hooked on trail running

A new distance joins the Val d'Aran by UTMB® "family". The EXP 30k, "Experiéncia d'Aran", is a race for lovers of middle distance, or to get a little more into the world of trail running, which was created with the aim of encouraging participation in long distance races.

The EXP, which is part of the 20K category, has a circular route of 30 kilometres, with around 2,000 metres of positive difference in altitude, starting and finishing in Vielha. A circuit that passes through some of the best sections of the valley in just 30 kilometres.

30 kilometres to get you hooked on trail running

Mandatory Equipment

  • Closed shoe suitable for trail running.
  • Cell phone on (smartphone recommended).
  • Personal glass of at least 15cl.
  • Water reserve of 1 l minimum.
  • Survival blanket of 1.40m x 2m minimum.
  • Whistle.
  • Jacket with hood that can withstand bad weather in the mountains and made with a waterproof membrane minimum 10,000 mm water column and breathable (recommended RET less than 13).

All clothing must be of the participant's size and unaltered after leaving the factory. All the material will be transported in a backpack or similar that must be marked during the delivery of bibs and that cannot be changed during the race.

Mandatory Equipment
Runner Assistance

Runner Assistance

Assistance is NOT allowed in the race, at any point of the course.

Hares are not allowed to set the pace in the race.


Join a passionate community of runners from all corners of the world. Choose your distance and enjoy the best landscapes of the Val d'Aran!

Do you like the mountains? This is the place for you! If you want to live a unique experience and participate in an extraordinary event that every year brings together thousands of people from all over the world... Join our team of volunteers!

Provide personal assistance along the course at aid stations or follow the race from home to share the journey with your favorite runner.

Be part of an extraordinary adventure and share incredible emotions! Be part of the success of the race!